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Top Pendant Necklace Styles To Express Yourself

You know that one perfect pendant necklace can transform your look and express your unique style. Whether you prefer a simple gemstone, an intricate design, or a meaningful symbol, a pendant necklace Colorado USA is an easy way to accessories your outfit and showcase your personality.

There are so many stylish options to choose from, you're sure to find one that resonates with you. From whimsical charms to elegant gemstones to rustic leather cords, we've rounded up 10 of the hottest pendant necklace styles that will help you make a fashionable statement. Read on to discover pendant necklaces to match your mood and complete your look. With styles ranging from minimalist to bold, there's something for everyone.

Simple Solitaire Pendant Necklaces

Simple solitaire pendant necklaces are elegant, timeless, and perfect for everyday wear. A single gemstone, crystal or metal adornment on a delicate chain makes a lovely minimal statement.

For something simple yet sparkly, a small diamond solitaire pendant is always a classic choice. Start with a petite 0.10 to 0.25 carat stone and pair it with a 14K white or yellow gold chain. This style works for any occasion and complements both casual and dressy attire.

If you prefer gemstones, consider a ruby, sapphire or emerald solitaire. A teardrop-shaped stone is a popular shape that flatters the neckline. For an earthy vibe, go with a smokey quartz or amethyst pendant.

For a bohemian look, a single semi-precious stone like rose quartz, laboratory or turquoise works beautifully. These stones are also more budget-friendly. Pair one with a longer, beaded necklace for a laid-back hippie chic style.

A single letter or word pendant allows you to spell out your name or a meaningful word or phrase. Choose a stylized font and metal like sterling silver or gold vermeil for a personalized piece you'll cherish for years to come.

Simple solitaire pendants let the natural beauty of the stone or metal be the focus. Their elegant and versatile design means you can wear them every day and for any occasion. Express yourself through the meaning or color of your chosen adornment. A single pendant makes a sentimental gift and allows the wearer to symbolize their unique spirit or style.

Birthstone Pendants for Sentimental Style

Birthstone pendants are a sentimental way to express your unique style. Whether you choose your own birthstone or a loved one's, these necklaces make a cherished gift.

Amethyst for February

The amethyst, a purple quartz, is believed to bring peace, stability, and calm. An amethyst pendant in a silver setting is a gorgeous option for February birthdays.

Aquamarine for March

The aquamarine, in shades of pale blue and sea green, represents youth, health and hope. A teardrop aquamarine pendant would make a lovely gift for a March birthday.

Ruby for July

The ruby's deep red color signifies passion and vitality. A ruby pendant accented by diamonds or set in rose gold is a bold choice for July birthdays.

Peridot for August

The peridot, in vibrant lime green hues, symbolizes strength, renewal and growth. A peridot pendant in a yellow gold setting is perfect for August birthdays.

Opal for October

The opal, known for its iridescent colors and patterns, represents faithfulness and confidence. An oval opal pendant surrounded by small diamonds is a spectacular option for October birthdays. Birthstone pendants allow you to give a gift that is both sentimental and stylish. Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, a birthstone pendant is a timeless way to express your unique spirit.

Initial Pendants for Personalized Flair

Initial pendants are a simple way to add a personalized touch to your necklace style. Choosing initials that represent your name or the name of a loved one makes a sentimental statement.

Your Own Initials

Selecting your own first initial, last initial or both is an easy option. Look for pendants that contain swirly, ornate initials for a fancier style or block letters for a minimalist vibe. Consider having your initials engraved or embossed on a metallic pendant for an elegant touch.

Loved One's Initials

Choosing the initials of a close family member like a spouse, child or friend is a thoughtful gesture. Their initials displayed on a pendant necklace show them you keep them close to your heart.

Combined Initials

For couples, intertwined or intersecting initial pendants with both of your first initials are a romantic way to symbolize your connection. The letters crossing or looping around each other represent the bond you share.

Themed Initials

Some initial pendants incorporate motifs that relate to your interests or hobbies. Examples include:

  • Floral initials with leaves, blossoms or vines entwined for nature lovers.

  • Nautical initials with an anchor, ship wheel or knotted rope for seafaring types.

  • Religious initials like a cross, Star of David or lotus for spiritual individuals.

  • Heart-shaped initials for the hopeless romantics.

The options for initial pendant necklaces are endless. With a variety of styles from minimal to ornate, in silver, gold or gemstones, you can find one that is uniquely you. A personalized initial pendant is a simple accessory that makes a big statement.

Nature-Inspired Pendant Necklaces

Nature-inspired pendant necklaces are a popular style that embraces natural elements and earthy tones. The natural, bohemian vibe of these necklaces pairs well with casual, comfortable clothing.

Gemstone Pendants

Gemstones like rose quartz, amethyst, turquoise or citrine make stunning pendant necklaces. The irregular shapes and muted colors of these stones give off an effortless, dreamy feel. Gemstone pendants are said by some to have certain healing or spiritual properties. Whether or not you believe in the metaphysical effects, gemstone necklaces are undeniably gorgeous.

Leaf Pendants

Delicate leaf pendants crafted from gold or silver are whimsical and charming. The most popular leaf pendants are shaped like olive, eucalyptus or oak leaves. Leaf pendants symbolize growth, renewal and vitality. They have an elegant yet carefree quality that is perfect for daily wear.

Feather Pendants

Feather pendants capture the whimsy and freedom of nature. Most are made from precious metals like sterling silver and are designed to look like bird feathers, either stylized or highly detailed. Feather necklaces represent things like truth, bravery, freedom and ascension. A feather pendant necklace is a great choice if you want to show off your spiritual or bohemian side.

Wood Pendants

For an rustic look, consider a wood pendant necklace. Wood pendants made from materials like ebony, redwood or sandalwood have gorgeous grain patterns and natural color variations. Wood symbolizes life, knowledge and growth. A wood pendant necklace gives off earthy, grounded vibes perfect for nature lovers and those who value craftsmanship.

Nature-inspired jewelry allows you to stay connected to the natural world even when going about your daily life. A pendant necklace featuring gemstones, leaves, feathers or wood is a simple way to bring some organic beauty into your personal style.

Statement Geometric Pendants for Bold Self-Expression

Statement necklaces are bold ways to express your unique style. Geometric pendants in particular make an artistic statement with their striking shapes and lines. Whether you prefer circles, triangles or hexagons, there's a geometric pendant to suit your mood.

Circular Pendants

Circular pendants, like disks or spheres, create a simple yet dramatic look. Their rounded shape and open center draw the eye in, creating an illusion of depth. A silver disk pendant or hammered brass sphere are effortless ways to add visual interest to any outfit.

Triangular Pendants

Triangular pendants have an edgy, kinetic energy to them. Equilateral triangles are balanced and harmonious, while right triangles appear more dynamic. A triangle pendant in yellow gold or rose gold is an easy way to inject some geometric glamor into your accessory collection.

Hexagonal Pendants

Hexagonal pendants, with their six symmetrical sides, have an almost crystal-like quality to them. Whether open or filled in, a hexagon pendant in sterling silver or gemstone makes a striking artisanal statement. The six-sided shape is also reminiscent of honeycomb, creating an organic yet structured look.

Geometric pendants let you display your fondness for symmetry and lines in a stylish, sculptural way. Their clean shapes and contours create an artistic look that pairs well with any outfit, from a simple white t-shirt to an evening gown. So when you want to express yourself in a bold yet sophisticated manner, reach for a statement geometric pendant.


You now have some great pendant necklace options to choose from to showcase your unique style. Whether you prefer something dainty and minimal or bold and dramatic, there are so many ways to make a statement. The key is finding pieces that resonate with you and reflect who you are - your passions, values and spirit.

Wearing a meaningful pendant necklace is a simple way to feel inspired and confident from the inside out. So go ahead, get creative and have fun with it! Express yourself through your jewelry and wear designs that make you feel like the best version of yourself each and every day.


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