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Decoden Cream glue, as its name suggests, is a water-based product with a texture similar to cake decorating piping cream. It is made of deionized water, emulsifier, water-based resin, and pigment. This versatile crafting material is non-toxic and safe for use in various DIY projects.


Ingredients: Adhesive, starch, glycerin, synthetic binder, emulsifier, fragrance, preservative, pigment, antifreeze (in winter).


Recommended Uses: Cream glue can be used for a variety of crafting DIY purposes, including simulating cakes, food models, food play crafts, decorating hairpins, picture frames decoration, decoden phone cases, storage boxes, hanging tags, nail art, various types of accessory decoration and more.


Texture and Weather Sensitivity: The texture of cream glue is typically creamy and paste-like, similar to toothpaste. However, it can become hardened in very cold temperatures, such as below -10 degrees Celsius. If you notice the texture has become hard (without any visible graininess), you can soften it by immersing it in warm water (around 40 degrees Celsius or 105F) or gently kneading it with your hands until it regains a softer consistency.


Shrinkage: As cream glue is water-based, it solidifies through the evaporation of water. When cream glue dries, its volume may shrink by 10-20%, so it's advisable to pipe it compact and slightly thicker to avoid significant gaps when it dries completely.


Variability: Please note that due to differences in production batches, cream glue of the same color may exhibit subtle variations in color, wetness or texture. Additionally, the cream glue's color may become slightly darker after it dries completely.


Store: After opening, please seal the cream glue (the exposed parts will dry out first due to water evaporation) and try to use it within one week. Seal, avoid light, store between -10 to 40 degrees Celsius in winter.


Decoden Cream Glue Clay 100g for Phone Case, Hairpin, Containers Craft DIY

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