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Custom-made products are not readily available in stock. The production cycle takes 7-15 days, and shipping occurs within 15-20 days (allowing time for the product to fully dry before shipping).

Materials Package: Includes cream glue, Skullpanda toys, small accessories, tools (such as piping tips, tweezers), and phone case (please specify phone case model in Notes or leave the message).

Note: Main toys and small accessories in the materials package may occasionally undergo changes due to factors like discontinuation or shortages. However, the main components and overall style will remain unchanged. In such cases, we will provide advance notice and discuss the effects.

Color Variation: The color of the cream glue may deepen slightly once it's fully dried. The final photographic outcome depends on the camera quality of Apple phone and variations in lighting, which might result in differing effects.

Handmade Production: Our products are crafted by hand, not mass-produced by machines. The final result may not be an exact match to the displayed images each time.

Pre-order Custom Phonecase

$79.99 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
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