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The iridescent beauty of pearls never goes out of style. Our pearl jewelry is a must-have accessory for any occasion, from formal events to casual outings.


Exclusive design ring, it is better quality than most silver products which is a bicolored gold crafted in the style of Italian handcrafted workmanship. Multi-polishing make it shining like mirror.


Product features: 
Strong three-dimensional sense, evident handcrafted texture. Due to the use of a thick gold plating layer, it is not easy to oxidize or discolor.


Sterling silver vacuum-plated with several 18K gold layers, with a thickness of 1u'' (mai), which is 33 times thicker than regular gold-plated jewelry. Regular jewelry has a gold plating thickness of 0.03u'' (mai), this way making the material more colorfast. The materials used are real gold and silver, natural pearls, with higher costs and guaranteed quality!


Bowl size: approx 21-23mm (0.89”), handcrafted product will have tiny different


The ring is in lotus leaf shape.


The pearl could be customized, I spent a bit time to pick up a large thick keshi/irregular purple freshwater pearl beads to replaced the original one, it perfect filled the “bowl” setting.

(Keshi pearls are small non-nucleated pearls typically formed as by-products of pearl cultivation)

The pearl is unique, if you want to order a ring with unique pearl or the matched necklace, bracelet, earring, please allow me 1-2 weeks to process it. The original pearl is white and smaller.


Lotus Pearl Ring

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