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Birthstones by month

January: Garnet

Known for its mesmerizing reddish hue, garnet is the birthstone of January. Garnet was popular in ancient Egypt, when the gemstones were exchanged between friends to signify trust and friendship. The name "garnet" originated from the Medieval Latin word "granatum", meaning "dark-red." Garnets come in every color except blue, but their most popular variation is the iconic red. Mined in Arizona, garnets can help you pull off a romantic look and have long been a coveted gemstone choice. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets, garnet jewelry adds depth whether worn stacked or solo.

February: Amethyst

The jewel of royalty, amethyst is February’s birthstone. A form of the mineral quartz, amethyst brings all the violet vibes. It’s often found in the country Paraguay. As one of the most precious and valuable forms of quartz, amethyst owes its vivid color to iron and aluminum trace elements found in the mineral. Featured in crown jewels and in many historic pieces from medieval times, amethyst jewelry is guaranteed to please.

March: Aquamarine

A stunning light blue variety of the mineral beryl, aquamarine is the birthstone of March. Named for “aqua marina” or “water of the sea” they range in color from a pale blue to pale green. They’re believed to bring the wearer courage and happiness, and with luster like that, we know why. Explore our selection of aquamarine jewelry including earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces for the perfect personalized jewelry gift.

April: Diamond

As April’s birthstone, diamonds are an ideal gift for the Aries in your life. Diamonds are the highest rated precious gemstone on the Moh’s hardness scale, with a score of 10. Along with unrivaled durability, diamonds have the unique ability to be cut and polished with the utmost brilliance. Their incredible shine and fire have captivated wearers for centuries, and for that reason diamonds remain the most popular and valuable gemstone. Let’s be real, diamonds are ideal for any occasion, especially as a thoughtful birthstone jewelry gift.

May: Emerald

May’s birthstone is emerald, a rich green variety of the mineral beryl. Ranging in color from a greenish-blue to green, they have a clear depth of color that few gems command. Known as the gems of romance and intrigue, emeralds are one of the rarest gemstones, and their unique and highly coveted color make them a prized and special gift for anyone born in May. Find the perfect emerald jewelry piece and explore our emerald earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

June: Pearl & Alexandrite

If you’re born in June you have a tough choice to make: ever-classic pearl or stunning alexandrite. Featured in jewelry for centuries, pearls and alexandrite are both prized for their natural beauty, rarity, and unique appeal. From bright white, to peach and pink, and even to deep blues and greys, pearls have a satin sheen while alexandrite is known for its pale blue hues. Discover the gemstone that suits you best.

July: Ruby

Rubies, the birthstone of July, are prized for their vivid red hue and incredible shine. Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum. The presence of aluminum oxides in the corundum mineral gives it the vibrant red color for which rubies have become iconic. Known to bring good health and fortune to the wearer, rubies are a thoughtful gift for anyone celebrating a July birthday.

August: Peridot

Peridot is the birthstone of August. A vibrant yellow-green, this gemstone is known as a symbol of opportunity and prosperity. Its vivid green color occurs due to iron content present in the mineral. Typically mined in Arizona, peridot comes from the olivine mineral family. Its stunning pastel color makes it an ideal choice for birthstone jewelry.

September: Sapphire

Sapphires, the iconic September birthstone, dazzle with their incredible luster and deep velvety-blue hue. They have long been prized as one of the world’s most precious gemstones, and are featured in a number of crown jewels. Sapphires come in every color but are most well known for their stunning royal blue and light pink tones. A variety of corundum, similar to rubies, sapphires’ hardness and natural shine make them ideal for jewelry, especially for a September birthday gift.

October: Opal & Tourmaline

If you celebrate an October birthday, we have one question for you: opal or tourmaline? No need to choose, stack it up with opal and tourmaline birthstone jewelry. Opal catches the eye with its incredible range of fiery colors while tourmaline can add a color pop in vibrant shades of pink to icy blue. The mesmerizing and attractive color play within these gemstones makes them a no brainer for birthstone jewelry.

November: Citrine

Citrine, a bright orange-yellow form of quartz, is the birthstone for November. Known as a symbol of happiness, citrine’s name comes from the French word for lemon. Though their color tends to be more golden than lemon yellow, citrine gemstones can range in color from a glistening light yellow, to a reddish brown. Citrine’s attractive color and versatile use in jewelry makes it incredibly popular and the perfect gift for a loved one born in November.

December: Blue Topaz & Zicron & Tanzanite & Tourquoise

December is all about blue gemstones, the perfect complement to a fiery personality.

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